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Hey, there! Welcome to my page! Whether it be proofreading, spelling and grammar, plot development, ghost writing, copywriting, tutoring or beyond, there is not much I have not done at one point or another within the literary realm. 

I am happy to provide any sort of assistance as needed! That being said, each project is truly unique and requires a different amount of time and focus. Please, feel free to reach out to schedule a consultation!


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As my domain name entails, my name is Austin. I am a professional photographer and author. I own two photography businesses. When I am not out traveling for work, I can be found working on one literary project or another, or providing my services for such to others. While my first MA is in business, my BA is in English Education with a focus in linguistics. Further, I've penned more than a million words in fiction, have two books in print and have gone on a book tour. I also have been involved in serval literary communities as a moderator in the past, such as

   While photography is my primary passion, my love for the arts and so much of what has come to be of my life started with writing fiction and reading young adult fiction. Fiction and writing paved the way for me to eventually find my way intrinsically into photography. It's why my two AS degrees are in English and performing arts, as well. As Robert Frost wrote in one of his most famous poems, "Way led on to way," as I've grown and flourished over the years. In my free time when I'm not pursuing a photographic project or working on some literary endeavor, I can be found working on my second MA in data analytics or programming. I am proud to say I have several works coming out in the near future and I am always more than happy to provide my expertise and experience one on way or another to anyone who may need it. Feel free to reach out at any time for a consultation! 

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Current Works

   Available for preorder now, Where the Beautiful Things Are is my first photo book featuring some of my favorite work to date on my travels around the United States and Canada over the last three years. This work also features how my definition of beauty and the pursuit of purpose have changed in all those I've encountered and all that I have experienced in my wanderings. 


   Coming in the summer of 2021 with a cover release in April, Every Moment After is my return to fiction after several years of a hiatus to pursue and define my career as a photographer and broaden my educational background. Every Moment After is also my first work outside the spectrum of young adult fiction and my introduction in to the realm of general fiction. Featuring a plot centered around the tenants of faith, love, mythicism, fate, and purpose, the book is a winding drama placed on the Northern California Coast full of twists and turns, many mysteries and an end even more surprising than the beginning. Click here to read the prologue!
   Somewhere with the Wind- Carson Chandler was lost and he didn't even know it. He was drowning in his emotions on a path that had nowhere to go but down. That was until he met Claire, the girl that changed his life. Forever. But through unforeseen and unpredictable events, the hands of fate conspired to tear these lovers apart. Can Carson cope with the impending sense of loss? Will he revert to his former ways? Or will their love shine through the darkest moments and inspire him to persevere? Only time and fate can tell.
   One Last Cast- What do you do when you have your whole life ahead of you to only find out you have cancer and six months left to live? For soon to be Stanford freshman Shawn Morison, this is his dilemma. Its hard to say where the road he is on leads, only that it is filled with twist and turns, along with peaks and valleys, that take him on the journey of a lifetime and teach him what life really means.



Current Works






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